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Translation is a complex craft. It demands intimacy with the linguistic implications and cultural influences of both source and target languages. 


Translated text should flow naturally while faithfully reflecting the spirit and nuances of the source language and preserving its integrity and style.


Translation is much more than transcribing words from one language to another.


I have over 26 years of experience in translating from English to Hebrew, my mother-tongue.  I am well versed in the specific terminology and concepts associated with many disciplines, including finance, business, law, medicine and technology.


I maintain high standards and consistency throughout the translation process by using a range of sophisticated translation computer tools and resources. In addition, I work closely with my clients and take their preferences for terminology and style into account.


I take pride in providing professional and reliable service to my clients, always adhering to schedules and meeting deadlines.


English to Hebrew



Finance, business, legal, medical, communications, marcom, consumer, medical, localization









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Clayton M. Christiansen offers gripping insights into the careers and lives of his colleagues in academia. What is success? How can one find happiness in one's personal and professional life? This is the prologue to his book How Will You Measure Your Life.


Finding a translator who can provide high quality business marketing content, as well as a pleasant working relationship is not something I take for granted. In you, Dorit, I find both professionalism and congeniality.

Hava Doron, Copyhouse

Among my clients:

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